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A promesse of excellence and of good times       (veillez svp voir "début" pour la version française)

In 1997, Marie-Josée Lévesque, circus artist, launched Cirque Fantastic by creating the company Cirque Fantastic Concept (CFC) with the object of becoming a unique canadian company of entertainment in it's domain in north America. It is her passion for the arts of the circus that brought her to found her own production company,  

Marie-Josée, an international renowned trapezist, has been working in the circus world for the last 20 years. She made many tours with the prestigious Cirque du Soleil and during her solo career. She travelled up and down the four corners of the planet, executing her circus acts while integrating them perfectly in shows and diverse events at the greater satisfaction of spectators.

Marie-Josée, artist, entrepreneur, business woman, is the wife of engineer André Dupras, elder son of Claude Dupras and Manon Dufresne, and the mother of four children: Alexia, age 14, Cédric, age 9, Mikaël, age 7 and Ophélie, age 5 (2007).

Today, the presentation of fascinating shows, full of life and energy, is not confined to the big top or the traditional stage. The new theatrical technology facilitates the changing of any show stage, from the smallest rooms to the vast exterior spaces, and all events can be metamorphosed in voyages to the heart of imaginary and fantastic universes.

The mission of the company is to transform corporate events, annual meetings, congresses, celebrations, fairs, ceremonies, introductory launches, parties, anniversaries, parades and more..., let them be local, national or international, into unforgettable celebrations by the grace of the magic of the circus. The outstanding artist of Cirque Fantastic are there to guide the spectators to wonderful and mysterious worlds, without having to leave their seats.

Marie-Josée, artistic director of CFC, has gathered an impressive team of specialized creators of the arts of the circus. Motivated by challenges, they love to tackle new concepts and adapt them to the difficulties of setting up a great circus show capable of overwhelmingly pleasing the participants of the events, and this in different locations of the world.

Her fabulous artists come from all countries of the planet and are chosen for the quality of the execution of their act and it's diversity. Her bank of artists is impressive and grows continually.

Her producers, choreographers, composers of original music, designers of costumes, of lighting, of sets and sceneries are creators  that know where to find the spice and the emotion so that each event will be memorable for the participants.

Cirque Fantastic offers three sections of activities to it's eventual customers: 

1. Fantastic à la carte: where dreams come to life.

FANTASTIC À LA CARTE is a diverse circus show that celebrates the magic of circus arts. Spectators will see artists from a variety of disciplines, brilliantly showcase their exceptional skills in a series of fabulous aerial and ground acts (solos, duos and trios). Imaginary characters, dancers, a singer and a Master of Ceremonies complete the experience when required.

In offering a choice of the best acts in the world, Cirque Fantastic allows the client to customize the show according to his favorite circus acts, technical constraints, theme and budget.

FANTASTIC À LA CARTE is the most versatile, best value, all-inclusive solution available and will help clients to offer their guests colourful and breathtaking circus entertainment that they will remember forever.

2. Fantastic sur glace: where fantasy takes flight.

FANTASTIC ON ICE brings together the world's best circus artists and the national, international and olympic figure skating champions of Canada and other countries.

Carried away by a singer’s spellbinding voice, they move to the rhythms and crescendos of the songs, pirouetting on the ice or soaring high above it, offering the spectators a mesmerizing and kinetic show with audience participation.

Ideal for all types of audiences, this unique show of Cirque Fantastic will dazzle children and adults everywhere and can be executed in arenas,

3: Fantastic Feeria: where enchantment takes center stage.


The latest breathtaking show from the wizards at Cirque Fantastic Concept. The extraordinary result of months of research, creative reflection and intensive rehearsals. FANTASTIC FEERIA invites you on a journey.

The spectators will be carried into the wondrous world of fairies, spellbound by the pure, natural decor, the organic, primitive costumes, and the poetic yet energetic music. With their hypnotizing charm, sensuality, boldness and sheer physical strength, these creatures born out of Earth, Air and Water will be their personal guides on this surrealist, phantasmagorical adventure.

Let them be mesmerized by the dream-like world of fairies.

Since it's creation, Cirque Fantastic has presented successfully close to 1,000 shows in Canada, the USA, Mexico, Finland, Sweden, France, England, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Jamaica, Bahamas, El Salvador, Dubaï, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, and it continues... This extraordinary success is an exceptional guaranty of the quality of the shows that offers the company.

For any information and contacts with Cirque Fantastic, please visit it's internet site:

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