The world of wild animals

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I had the opportunity to participate in safaris-photos in the following countries of southern Africa: Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Herefollows, by species, chosen photos of wild animals that I saw and photographed in their environment on these unforgettable excursions:


African Elephants



Black and white rhinoceros



Leopards, cheetahs and servals

Spotted hyaenas



Crocodiles, a python, a lizard, a chameleon, a turtle and a minuscule frog

Banded mongooses, black backed jackals, wild dogs, the rock hyrax

Oryx, springboks, waterbucks, a roan

Greater kudus, lesser kudus, tsessebes, topis

Impalas, black faced impalas, bushbucks, damara dik-diks, red lechwes

Baboons, vervet monkeys, ostriches, Jameson rabbit

Marabous storks, herons, egrets, grey crowned cranes, cormorants

Eagles, vultures, secretarybirds, korhaans kori, korhaans  karoo, guineafowls, toucans

Seals, white pelicans, african pinguins

Blacksmith lapwings, pied kingfishers, white faced ducks, african jacanas, african grey hornbills, kelp seagulls, purple rollers, southern carmine bee-eaters, swallows, the bat

The animals environment

The sundowns of the wild animal world





I had the privilege to go on safaris-photos in India to photograph tigers. In addition, I captured pictures of other groups of Indian animals and birds. Hereafter are all those animals and birds by categories: 

The tigers

The gaurs (Bison of India)

The langur monkeys

The macaque monkeys

The "spotted" deers

The samber deers

The barasingha deers

The asian elephants

The dromaderies, the wild boars, the jackals, the tortoises

The environnement of the animals of India





Amazonia and south America

Crocodiles, monkeys, tarentulas, scarabée, parrots, turtles, butterfly, ant, jaguars, pumas (cougar),lamas, pélicans, sea lions, albatros.



Zoo de Barcelone: Le Gorille Blanc







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